Digital Hobby Artist from Germany

ipad pro 10.5, clip studio paint

about me:
ISFP, filipino/british, 1994, she/her

original character designs

some OC art from 2020 and 2021! there's more but i'm lazy to upload

scroll far down to see some fanart i made in the past!

and many more that I haven't properly drawn yet :^)

misc oc art



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Thank you so much for the interest!

Visual reference is needed. Please provide a link with a collection of pictures. FOR FFXIV REFS: please refer to this guideline! (thank you Sei sobs)Payment through PayPal and EURO.After confirmation, I will provide an invoice which will be sent to you by email.I will receive full payment before I start on a commission.You will receive the full sized image.The characters will be on a plain-coloured background.If you wish to commission a separate additional commission, please fill out the form again!I have the right to refuse any request if I feel uncomfortable with it for any reason.Generally no refunds, unless the drawing has not been started yet, or if I cannot fulfill your order due to personal reasons. Absolutely no refunds if the drawing has already been drawn!Keep in mind that a commission can take time! Depending on my time and energy, it can take a few days to weeks.


OC's (incl. FFXIV OC's)Fanart (Anime, Videogames)OTP's (CanonxCanon, OCxCanon, OCxOC)


NSFW (partial nudity from the upper body is alright)Complicated designs (High Amount of Detail, Armour, Weapons)Mecha/Techy thingsReal people or realistic StyleFurries (inexperienced)Redesigns. I will not create new designs for your commission, but you may link an outfit you want to see a character in. I can draw them inspired by it. (Example: Modern outfit on your FFXIV OC)

These commissions are for private use only.

I will continue to hold all rights on the drawings, and as such I will keep the right to distribute any drawings I have created.

You may share them on social media such as twitter, as long as you credit back to me by tagging me. (@jessillart or @ahyukhyuk)

If you upload it outside of twitter, simply link back to aforementioned twitter accounts.



Drawn from around the waist up.

single: €20

couple: €35

(doesn't have to be romantic btw)

If you have any further questions before you fill out this form, feel free to:
Click on contacts to easily send me an email!or DM me at twitter! You may also find more art samples on there.